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Welcome to Boalt Gallery - the home of Gladys Boalt Ornaments.  Gladys is a native of the Hudson Valley region of New York State and is known nationwide for her unique style of soft sculpture handmade ornaments. 

Each Gladys Boalt Design is handmade in the United States and is individually signed and copyright dated. Gladys' designs include everything from holiday figures and interpretations of paintings from great master artists and notable historical icons to fabulous characters from literature for children and timeless classics. There is something for everyone, young and old. These timeless pieces will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

We are the exclusive site for new production releases in their first design year. The intricate detail and technique displayed in every aspect of these creations is a testament to the unique talent and vision of the artist.

We will add new items from time to time to our site. Please check back and see what new ornament designs are being added to our collection.

We hope that you enjoy your visit with us!

BoaltGallery.com is the Official Site for Gladys Boalt Designs.
If you need your purchase for a special occasion, please email us at calicogb@aol.com and we will make sure it arrives on time.

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